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CASE Electronic Control Unit ECU
CASE proprietary ECU hardware and software fulfill demanding OE requirements and CASE proprietary  "Property Separation Method"  inside. 

CASE Height And Acceleration Sensor

CSAE proprietary high-precision height sensors and acceleration sensors is applicable to a variety of vehicle.

Height sensor assembly and connecting rod


Acceleration sensor assembly

CASE Air Spring
CASE air spring design is able to fulfill the needs from light passenger cars to heavy vehicles, suitable for different suspension type.
The specific design is able to take into account from low volume to mass production. 
CASE design for McPherson front suspension has been granted a patent.

MR Damper and Its Control Technology
CASE propretary MR damper is desiged for high performance vehicle. The parten is under approval.

Tranditional CDC/DCC damper is valve based. The mechanical structure is very complicated and expensive. MR Damper is difference damping adjustable system with brand new technology comparing CDC/DCC damper. 
CASE MR damper will be a great choice for high performance vehicle.
Stable damping force, indpendence of damper vibration speed, sufficient effective damping force in low frequency instead of unexpected excessive high frequence damping force

Feature of CASE MR damper:

•      More stable damping force with less depencence to the damper tube velocity
•      Sufficient damping force in low frequency situation with very positive contribution to restrain vehicle self vibration
•      Less damping force in high frequency situation with less negative contribution to filtrate the high frequency forced vibration
•      Immidiately max damping force to effectively restain pitching/rolling in sudden break/acceleration and sharp tuning condition
•      Faster response time at the millisecond level
•      Wider damping force range up to 10 times if necessary
•      Less complecated mechnical design with higher reliability
•      Wider working temperature range

Recycling Nitrogen System

ECAS air system consists of air springs, reservoir, solenoid valve, pipline. CASE proprietary nitrogen system is featured by moisture resistance, dust prevention, oxidation resistance, air spring fast lifting , compressor low workload and long service life, low noise and so on.